Full List of Words That End in “Less”

Full List of Words That End in “Less”

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I’m here today with another interesting topic to learn: a full list of words that end in “less”.

As you might know, I have previously introduced to you a list of “most used words that end in “less””, but here I’m going to present to you a full list of words that end in “less”.

This is actually a practical list of adjectives that you can use to define the characteristics of a thing or person.

All the words are presented together with their definition and one example sentence. Let’s begin!


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Full List of Words That End in “Less”


Meaning: Lacking action; particularly with respect to entertainment, dull, boring.
Example: The concert was so actionless and boring.


Meaning: Without affection; unfeeling; emotionless. (psychology) Incapable of empathy.
Example: He was an affectionless father.


Meaning: characterized by a lack of emotion or desire.
Example: He speaks in a flat, affectless voice.


Meaning 1: never looking old or appearing to grow old.
Example: The ageless singer looked flawless.
Meaning 2: lasting for a long time or forever.
Example: The ageless argument about whether human beings possess free will is still going on.


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Meaning 1: without help; unassisted
Example: He left her aidless under the snow.
Meaning 2: giving no help; useless
Example: She was aidless in the party.


Meaning: A person or activity that is aimless has no clear purpose or plan.
Example: After several hours of aimless searching, they were getting low on fuel.


Meaning: If a place is airless, there is no fresh air in it.
Example: The afternoon was hot, sticky and airless.


Meaning: having little desire for success or achievement
Example: he was very ambitionless to go to college.


Meaning: not having or offering an answer
Example: It was an answerless answer, bereft of content.


Meaning: lacking an arm or arms
Example: The Venus de Milo is an armless statue.


Meaning 1: without effort or pretentiousness; natural and simple
Example: It is an artless literary masterpiece.
Meaning 2: without skill or delicacy
Example: Her prose was awkward and artless.


Meaning: containing no ash
Example: Ashless filter papers are used in laboratories.


Meaning: having no assets or property that can be used to pay off debts
Example: The Commission successfully objected to attempts to discharge claims of creditors and sell the remaining assetless public corporate shell.


Meaning: having no author; anonymous
Example: The results of these scholarly articles are presented as compressed and authorless ‘information’.


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Meaning: without fear; fearless, unafraid
Example: He is an aweless hero of the present time.


Meaning 1: Without a backbone; invertebrate
Example: Sea cucumber is a backboneless animal.
Meaning 2: (figurative) cowardly
Example: We have no good informal word for the great display of backboneless life.


Meaning: A backless dress or top leaves most of a woman’s back uncovered down to her waist.
Example: she was wearing a black backless dress in the party.


Meaning: not containing a bag
Example: This vacuum cleaner is bagless and easy to clean.


Meaning: without a bar or bars
Example: At the time, it was the zoo’s most impressive and costly ever exhibit designed to be moated and barless.


Meaning: not true and not based on facts
Example: The charges against her are baseless.


Meaning: without a bath
Example: we stayed in a bathless accommodation.


Meaning: without a beginning
Example: The soul has been associated with karma in this way throughout an eternity of beginningless time.


Meaning: having no being, not existing
Example: To be meaningless is to be beingless (J. H. Muirhead)


Meaning: not knowing what to do or what you want to do
Example: He was directionless and confused after being let go from his position.


Meaning: the quality of being without disguise
Example: The thief was disguiseless.


Meaning: without dividends
Example: I worked in a dividendless position.


Meaning: without a door
Example: The house was roofless, windowless and doorless.

Doubtless (adverb)

Meaning: without doubt, certainly
Example: He will doubtless try and persuade his colleagues to change their minds.


Meaning: Dreamless sleep is sleep in which you do not dream:
Example: I sank into a deep, dreamless sleep.


Meaning: without dust, clean
Example: Prisoners file down dustless hallways in formation, saluting their keepers as they pass.


Meaning: having or producing no echo
Example: The hollow and echoless darkness was frightening me.


Meaning: having no effect or advantage
Example: his effectless speech did not move anyone.


Meaning: seeming not to need any effort
Example: He was an actor of effortless charm.


Meaning: having no ego, or not having an inflated view of one’s self-importance.
Example: She was terribly humble, unassuming, shy and egoless.


Meaning: not showing any emotion; unemotional
Example: Her voice was flat and emotionless.


Meaning 1: being or seeming to be without end
Example: He gave us an endless speech about the issue.

Meaning 2: extremely numerous
Example: there are endless iniquities in the world.

Meaning 3: joined at the ends
Example: They formed an endless chain of people around the lake.


Meaning: without error
Example: The channel capacity, errorless transmission codes, and power estimation for near-far effects are also explored.


Meaning: incapable of being scaped; inescapable
Example: The situation seemed to be escapeless but I finally found a solution to the problem.


Meaning: without any event or incident worth noting
Example: A largely eventless second half played in heavy rain produced few chances worthy of troubling the scoreboard operators.


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Meaning: Unable to be exhausted; having an endless supply; inexhaustible
Example: we need exhaustless supply of fuel to travel to other planets far away from the earth.


Meaning 1: (of a person) remote and impersonal; anonymous
Example: The faceless bureaucrats who made the rules did not care about the poor.
Meaning 2: (of a building or place) characterless and dull
Example: The spread of south London seemed faceless to me.


Meaning: not fading
Example: Dear teachers and classmates, for the fadeless memory, let’s dance happily, let’s sing as much as we like!


Meaning 1: disloyal, especially to a spouse or partner.
Example: Her faithless lover ultimately left her alone.

Meaning 2: without religious faith
Example: They were ungodly and faithless.


Meaning: without fame, unknown
Example: he lived as a fameless writer his whole life.


Meaning: without fancy or imagination
Example: Fanciless teachers are not successful in motivating students.

Farthingless (archaic)

Meaning: without money. (A farthing was a small British coin which was worth a quarter of an old penny.)
Example: The farthingless peasants were at a disadvantage at that time.


Meaning: Something that cannot be measured or understood because it gives the impression of being very deep, mysterious, or complicated.
Example: The space of the universe is fathomless.


Meaning: incapable of tiring, not becoming tired
Example: He was a fatigueless worker.


Meaning: fat-free, having relatively few calories
Example: I drink only fatless milk.


Meaning: something that does not have a single flaw; perfect.
Example: It’s surprising to learn that an actor is Welsh when she can speak with a faultless American accent.


Meaning: showing no favor
Example: He is such a favorless man. He is never willing to help anyone.


Meaning: free from fear; brave
Example: She is a fearless women rights activist.


Meaning: lacking distinctive attributes or aspects
Example: we were in a featureless landscape of snow and ice.


Meaning: lacking initiative or strength of character; irresponsible
Example: Her feckless younger brother never actually prospered in his life.


Meaning: being without a fee; requiring no fee
Example: I participated as a teacher in feeless courses for working children.


Meaning: having no feeling : devoid of a normal capacity to feel
Example: Their arms got tired, then heavy and achy, then dead and feelingless.


Meaning: Without a fence; unfenced
Example: The garden was fenceless, so we got in and picked some apples.


Meaning: free from fetters or restraint
Example: Oh, the heart is a free and a fetterless thing.


Meaning: lacking or devoid of a figure; shapeless
Example: He had a figureless hat on.


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Meaning: having or producing no flame
Example: Flameless fuels are what we need now.


Meaning: lacking taste or flavor or tang.
Example: I don’t like the flavorless supermarket tomatoes.


Meaning: having no flaw or imperfection; perfect
Example: She made a flawless performance.


Meaning: free from flecks; perfect
Example: The decor is elegant, the service is feckless and the food is exquisite.


Meaning: being without food; malnourished; not being provided with adequate nourishment
Example: The villagers were foodless and suffered from malnourishment.


Meaning: having no support or basis; unsubstantial
Example: He had footless dreams of glory.


Meaning: lacking force; feeble; unforceful
Example: He gave a forceless argument in the court.


Meaning: without a clear or definite shape or structure
Example: She only had a dark and formless idea of what she is going to do.


Meaning: lacking in good fortune; unfortunate
Meaning: The kid seemed to be fortuneless having been born in that family.


Meaning: unreasonable; having no basis in reason or fact
Example: A careful investigation proved that the charges were foundationless.


Meaning: without worries
Example: You would live longer and happier if you would only be quiet and fretless.


Meaning 1: not obstructed by or creating friction; smooth
Example: A compass needs to have a lightweight magnet and a frictionless bearing.
Meaning 2: achieved with or involving little difficulty; effortless
Example: I prefer a frictionless payment solution.


Meaning: having no friends; alone
Example: They have been left virtually friendless.

Frockless (old fashioned)

Meaning: without a dress or outfit
Example: Angelina Jolie was left frockless for Sunday’s Academy Awards after the gown she’d planned to wear was stolen.

Frontless (archaic)

Meaning: shameless; unblushing
Example: He was a frontless hustler and dealer in stolen goods.


Meaning: not achieving anything at all; useless
Example: Talks have so far been fruitless.


Meaning: having no hopes or prospects for the future
Example: Children born in villages far from cities are mostly futureless in Iran.


Meaning: providing no gain; unprofitable
Example: I hate passing a gainless life.


Meaning 1: denoting a game of soccer, rugby, etc. in which no goals are scored
Example: The match finished goalless.

Meaning 2: lacking purpose or direction.
Example: Nothing excites me. I’m a goalless person right now.


Meaning: suitable to or for either sex; not reflective of the experiences, prejudices, or orientations of one sex more than the other
Example: Genderless language should be used in mass media.


Meaning: not shiny
Example: The house decoration was glossless.


Meaning: without greed
Example: He is such a greedless and benevolent man.


Meaning: without grief
Example: The rich man’s funeral was griefless.


Meaning: lacking firmness and stability of character
Example: He was trying to not look gritless.


Meaning: having no ground or foundation
Example: All our fears were groundless.


Meaning: free of grudges or resentment
Example: I’m trying to be grudgeless towards the ones that hurt me.


Meaning: having no guide; lacking leadership or control
Example: I feel guideless in this business.


Meaning: innocent, naive
Example: He was a straightforward man with a guileless smile.


Meaning: innocent
Example: She is only a guiltless child.


Meaning: lacking courage or determination.
Example: I should have had the support of my team but they are gutless.

Handless (dialectal)

Meaning: inexpert, clumsy, or awkward
Example: Please stop being handless and try to do things right.


Meaning: unlucky
Example: the victims of the war were hapless.


Meaning 1: not able or likely to cause harm
Example: The venom of most spiders is harmless to humans.

Meaning 2: inoffensive
Example: As an entertainer, he’s pretty harmless.


Meaning: lacking feeling; cruel
Example: He is a heartless coach.


Meaning: showing a reckless lack of care or attention
Example: ‘Elaine!’ she shouted, heedless of attracting unwanted attention.


Meaning 1: lacking protection or support; defenseless
Example: He was as helpless as a flock of shepherdless sheep.

Meaning 2: marked by an inability to act or react
Example: The crowd looked on in helpless horror.

Meaning 3: not able to be controlled or restrained
Example: We were drowned in helpless laughter.


Meaning: having no home or permanent place of residence
Example: the government is building small houses for the homeless.


Meaning: having no expectation of good or success; despairing
Example: I felt hopeless and alone.


Meaning: lacking a sense of humor
Example: I faced a humorless man in the first meeting.


Meaning: causing no pain or injury; harmless
Example: Is this drug hurtless?


Meaning: characterized by absence of mental images
Example: Imageless thoughts were passing through my mind.


Meaning: unemployed
Example: Thousands of jobless youngsters are protesting in the streets.


Meaning: not giving or feeling any pleasure or satisfaction; grim; dismal
Example: She had to face the thought of a joyless future.


Meaning 1: not having sap and other vital juices; dry
Example: This orange is juiceless.
Meaning 2: lacking interest or stimulation; dull and lifeless
Example: It is dull and juiceless as only book knowledge can be when it is unrelated to life.

Kinless (archaic)

Meaning: having no relatives
Example: She was a kinless person in another country.


Meaning: not governed by or obedient to laws; characterized by a lack of civic order
Example: It was a lawless region where peace never really took hold.


Meaning 1: dead or apparently dead
Example: His lifeless body was taken from the river.

Meaning 2: devoid of living things
Example: The lifeless landscapes of the moon are awesome.


Meaning: without end, limit, or boundary
Example: Our resources are not limitless.


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Meaning: having no feelings of love
Example: I was trapped in a loveless marriage and there was no way out.


Meaning: having bad luck; unfortunate
Example: An osprey seized the luckless fish with its talons.


Meaning: without good manners; ill-mannered; discourteous; impolite
Example: His behavior toward the servant was so mannerless.


Meaning 1: having no meaning or significance
Example: The paragraph was a jumble of meaningless words.

Meaning 2: having no purpose or reason
Example: They’d rather live by begging than get a meaningless job.


Meaning: showing no mercy
Example: He was the victim of a merciless attack with a blunt instrument.


Meaning 1: worthless or undeserving
Example: It’s not an entirely meritless idea.

Meaning 2: (of a case, claim, etc.) lacking some or all of the legal or substantive elements required to have a prospect of success
Example: We believe that the claims are meritless and will vigorously defend against them.


Meaning 1: acting or done without justification and with no concern for the consequences; stupid
Example: We are facing a generation of mindless vandals.

Meaning 2: not thinking of or concerned about; careless of; indifferent to
Example: Mindless of the fact she was in her nightgown, she rushed to the door.


Meaning: (of a smile or laugh) lacking real amusement and typically expressing irony; humorless
Example: He gave a short, mirthless laugh.


Meaning: not having money; poor
Example: I grew up in moneyless countryside. I had many difficulties in my childhood.


Meaning: without a moon or a visible moon.
Example: The dark moonless night in the desert felt creepy.


Meaning: not moving; stationary
Example: An eagle hung almost motionless close to the ground.


Meaning: without a motive
Example: It was an apparently motiveless murder.


Meaning 1: lacking a motor
Example: Gliding, sometimes called soaring, is motorless flight.
Meaning 2: denoting an area where motor vehicles are not permitted
Example: this is a motorless area. You cannot drive your car here.


Meaning: immobile; lacking movement; fixed
Example: The still night with its moveless branches was so boring.


Meaning: having no name, or having a name that is not known
Example: A nameless soldier had found his body near the lake.


Meaning: completely unnecessary
Example: Please stop this needless worrying about anything.

Nevertheless (adverb)

Meaning: despite what has just been said or referred to
Example: I knew a lot about the subject already, but her talk was interesting nevertheless.


Meaning: silent
Example: Above them an eagle circled in noiseless flight.

Nonetheless (adverb)

Meaning: despite what has just been said or done
Example: There are serious problems in our country. Nonetheless, we feel this is a good time to return.


Meaning: without a smell
Example: carbon monoxide is an odorless gas.


Meaning: having no owner
Example: Banks have become ownerless corporations, accountable to no one, powered solely by the self-interest of their senior managers.


Meaning 1: not causing or suffering physical pain
Example: He experienced a painless death.

Meaning 2: involving little effort or stress
Example: Planes offer a painless way to travel.


Meaning: lacking strong emotion; unemotional
Example: Her voice is passionless and monotonous.


Meaning: lacking pathways
Example: He began wandering in pathless places among higher rocks.


Meaning: unequalled; unrivalled
Example: She is definitely a peerless cartoonist in contemporary times.


Meaning: (of a person) having no money; very poor
Example: She lived the first few years of her life abroad as a penniless young student.


Meaning: without people; uninhabited
Example: During our trip, we also visited a peopleless island.


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Meaning: lacking a fixed location; indistinguishable from other such places in appearance or character
Example: We were searching for this placeless parking complex.


Meaning 1: devoid of meaning; senseless
Example: It was a pointless remark.

Meaning 2: devoid of effectiveness; ineffective

Example: He made pointless attempts to be funny.


Meaning 1: devoid of strength or resources
Example: Powerless victims were lying all over the place.

Meaning 2: lacking the authority or capacity to act
Example: She was powerless to help.


Meaning: without benefit or advantage; pointless
Example: They planned a long and profitless public commotion.


Meaning: lacking proof; not supported by proof
Example: All their allegations were proofless.


Meaning: having no prospect
Example: I felt like a prospectless nurse at the time of my internship.


Meaning 1: done or made with no discernible point or purpose
Example: The police is facing purposeless vandalism in recent years.
Meaning 2: having no aim or plan
Example: She spent his purposeless life as a waitress.


Meaning: unable to be muted or overcome; ravenous
Example: They were experiencing a disgusting, quenchless joy.


Meaning: showing a lack of care about risks or danger, and acting without thinking about the results of your actions
Example: These punks have a reckless disregard for the law.


Meaning 1: despite the prevailing circumstances
Example: They were determined to carry on their research regardless.

Meaning 2: without regard or consideration for
Example: The allowance is paid regardless of age or income.


Meaning: not having or not showing respect; careless; disrespectful
Example: His respectless behavior at the party made him a real killjoy.


Meaning: unwilling or unable to stay still or to be quiet and calm because you are worried or bored
Example: He’s a restless type – he never stays in one country for long.


Meaning: carrying no risk; safe
Example: If you are a beginner investor, you can start by putting money in riskless investments.


Meaning: with no rite or ceremony
Example: His burial was riteless.


Meaning: A rootless person does not have a home to return to
Example: As a rootless traveler, he had no adherences or obligations.


Meaning: (of an organization) without anyone in control and therefore unable to take decisions
Example: It is rather like a rudderless ship with the captain in the chart house wondering what to do next.


Meaning: not restrained or regulated by law
Example: The country seems like a ruleless land at the present time.


Meaning: having or showing no pity or compassion for others
Example: She was such a ruthless manipulator.


Meaning 1: without sap; withered; dry
Example: Camels eat these sapless plants.

Meaning 2: lacking vitality or spirit; bland

Example: Many artists continued to churn out sapless, shallow works.


Meaning: lacking taste or flavor
Example: This soup is really savorless.


Meaning: emitting or holding no odor
Example: These flowers are almost scentless.


Meaning 1: (of a fabric or surface) smooth and without seams or obvious joins
Example: I love these seamless stockings; they’re so comfortable.
Meaning 2: smooth and continuous, with no apparent gaps or spaces between one part and the next.
Example: The seamless integration of footage from different sources is apparent in this work.


Meaning: concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own; unselfish
Example: Her dedication of time and effort to help the homeless is an act of selfless devotion.


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Meaning: producing or responding to no sensation; hard-hearted, numb
Example: she became such a sensationless person after losing her child.


Meaning 1: (of a person) unconscious
Example: The attack left a policeman beaten senseless.

Meaning 2: lacking common sense; wildly foolish
Example: It was as senseless as crossing Death Valley on foot.


Meaning: (of a person or their conduct) characterized by or showing a lack of shame; barefaced or brazen
Example: We were all shocked by his shameless hypocrisy.


Meaning: (especially of a garment) lacking a distinctive or attractive shape
Example: She wore a shapeless frock and no make-up.


Meaning 1: characterized by or experiencing lack of sleep
Example: He spent another sleepless night in that motel.

Meaning 2: (literary) continually active or moving
Example: Watching the sleepless river gave me energy to continue.


Meaning: (of a garment) having no sleeves
Example: I chose a black sleeveless dress to wear for the funeral.


Meaning: producing or emitting little or no smoke
Example: Smokeless cars are becoming more and more common all around the world.


Meaning: being without sorrow; free of grief or trouble
Example: He looked sorrowless after the accident he had caused.


Meaning: unable to speak, especially as the temporary result of shock or strong emotion
Example: We were speechless at his talent in singing.


Meaning: (of a person) not having much determination and not willing to take risks; gutless
Example: He was, she concluded, a spineless individual.


Meaning: extremely clean
Example: Her home is spotless.


Meaning 1: with no marks on it, or made of a substance that is not damaged by air or water and that does not change color
Example: He is in the business of producing stainless work surfaces.

Meaning 2: morally good; having done nothing that could be considered to be wrong
Example: He was a man of stainless character.


Meaning: having no sting or stinger
Example: People in Palau are already seeing and living in the effects of a warming world—our coral reefs are bleaching and our prized stingless Golden Jellyfish are dying.


Meaning: Without streams of water
Example: There are wide, shallow valleys which are mostly streamless.


Meaning: Being weak or powerless, lacking strength
Example: her voice over the phone sounded strengthless.


Meaning: not careful about saying or doing something that could upset someone
Example: It was tactless of you to invite his ex-girlfriend.


Meaning: not tamed or not capable of being tamed
Example: These horses are tameless.


Meaning: not crying
Example: Mary watched in tearless silence as the coffin was lowered.


Meaning 1: (of a job or task) difficult or unpleasant and not likely to be satisfying or to be appreciated by others
Example: Being an umpire is a thankless job.

Meaning 2: (of a person) not expressing or feeling gratitude
Example: Her thankless children are really maddening.


Meaning: not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion
Example: Antiques add to the timeless atmosphere of the dining room.


Meaning: relating to or denoting technology that is operated by means of gestures rather than by touching a control or interface.
Example: The house is activated by touchless radar sensors and voice control”


Meaning: having or leaving no trace
Example: A traceless crime had been committed.


Meaning 1: not worthy of trust; faithless; unreliable; false
Example: He was trustless when money was involved.

Meaning 2: distrustful; suspicious
Example: He is always trustless towards his wife.


Meaning: untruthful; deceitful
Example: Truthless rumors about her past marriage was spread everywhere.


Meaning: not pleasing to listen to; unmelodious
Example: The sound of his tuneless whistling was irritating me.


Meaning: not fulfilling or not expected to achieve the intended purpose or desired outcome
Example: This is just a piece of useless knowledge.


Meaning: having no value; worthless
Example: They found cherished but valueless treasures in the cave.


Meaning 1: sightless, blind
Example: His visionless eyes were still beautiful.
Meaning 2: lacking vision or inspiration
Example: Although he was blind, he was never visionless in life.


Meaning: not able to speak or express opinions
Example: Millions of Americans feel voiceless and powerless to bring positive change to the political system.


Meaning: deep and complete
Example: I had a deep wakeless sleep after the mountain climbing.


Meaning: having little weight; lacking apparent gravitational pull
Example: The new material that has been produced is almost weightless.


Meaning: having no wheels or having no wheeled vehicles
Example: He was dragging a wheelless stoneboat filled with rocks with all his might.


Meaning: stupid or showing no intelligence
Example: In the book, Anna is forced to take care of her witless cousin.


Meaning: having no wonder
Example: The amusement park was wonderless to me.


Meaning: having no paid work; unemployed
Example: The government is planning to help workless households reliant on welfare.


Meaning: free from anger
Example: He seems to be wrathless man.


Meaning: lacking zeal or enthusiasm
Example: I felt zealless to go to college.


Meaning: Lacking zest; passionless, unenthusiastic
Example: As an artist he looks so zestless to me.


Meaning 1: without designated (e.g. commercial, residential, etc.) zones; unzoned
Example: The new commercial building is zoneless yet.

Meaning 2: (archaic) without a belt or girdle
Example: There was a statue of a whirling goddess with a zoneless waist.

Concluding Note

Alright dear learners. Today I provided this full list of words ending in “less” for you. As you see, most of them are adjectives, but there are a few adverbs as well. Therefore, be careful to use them in the right place in sentences.

I advise you to memorize new words in context or by example sentences because in this way you will remember them more easily, and more importantly, you won’t forget their context of usage.

I hope this lesson would be of use to you. Actually, while I was providing this list of words, I myself learned lots of new words! Hoping to see you visiting my page again for more interesting English lessons.

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