Top 30 Words That End With “Ful”

Top 30 Words That End With “Ful”

Hello dear English learners. For today’s lesson, I have provided for you the top 30 words that end with “ful”.

I have also provided their definitions and some examples of the use of each word in sentences. Are you ready to become familiar with these words? Let’s go!


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Top 30 Words that End with “ful”

1. awful


Meaning: extremely bad or unpleasant
He suffered awful injuries in the crash.
We had awful weather.
She has an awful boss.
What an awful thing to say!
Would life be so awful without a car?
The food was awful.
She’d been ill and she looked awful.

2. beautiful

Meaning: very attractive
a beautiful woman was selling flowers on the street.
We saw some breathtakingly beautiful scenery.
She was wearing a beautiful dress.

3. careful


Meaning: giving a lot of attention to what you are doing so that you do not have an accident, make a mistake, or damage something
Be careful with the glasses.
Be careful where you put that hot pan.
Be careful to look both ways when you cross the road.
Michael is a very careful worker.
After careful consideration of your proposal, I regret to say that we are unable to accept it.
He’s in a really foul temper so be careful (about/of) what you say to him.

4. cheerful


Meaning: happy and positive
He’s usually fairly cheerful.
You’re in a cheerful mood this morning.
She manages to stay cheerful (= happy and positive) despite everything.


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5. colorful


Meaning: having bright colors or a lot of different colors
He had drawn a colorful painting.
Colorful costumes are very attractive.

6. cupful


Meaning: the amount held by a cup
Add two cupfuls of milk to the mixture.
I need a cupful of sugar for this recipe.

7. delightful


Meaning: very pleasant, attractive, or enjoyable
Our new neighbors are delightful.
Thank you for a delightful evening.

8. doubtful


Meaning: If you are doubtful about something, you are uncertain about it; If a situation is doubtful, it is unlikely to happen or to be successful.
The teacher is doubtful about having parents working as classroom assistants.
It is doubtful whether/if they ever reached the summit before they died.
It was doubtful that the money would ever be found again.
It is doubtful whether the government will ever agree to their demands.
We were doubtful about the product’s usefulness from the start.
It now looks doubtful that the building work will be completed on time.
I’m a bit doubtful about whether to take on the job, as the hours are pretty unsociable.
Many of us are doubtful about the value of these new educational strategies.

9. dreadful


Meaning: causing fear, shock, or suffering
The news report was so dreadful that I just had to switch it off.
The dreadful sufferings of the people during this war makes me sad.

10. faithful

Meaning: firm and not changing in your friendship with or support for a person or an organization, or in your belief in your principles
A faithful friend is a gift in life.
They are faithful supporters of the Labor Party.
His faithful old dog accompanied him everywhere he went.


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11. fearful


Meaning: frightened or worried about something
He hesitated before calling her, fearful of what she might say.
She’s fearful (that) she may lose custody of her children.

12. fruitful

Meaning: producing good results
It was a most fruitful discussion, with both sides agreeing to adopt a common policy.
He had a long and fruitful career as a research chemist.

13. grateful


Meaning: showing or expressing thanks, especially to another person
I’m so grateful (to you) for all that you’ve done.
If you could get that report finished by Thursday, I’d be very grateful.
After the earthquake we felt grateful to be alive.
I’m just grateful that I’m not still working for him.
I would be most grateful if you would send me the book immediately.( formal)

14. harmful


Meaning: causing harm
This group of chemicals is known to be harmful to people with asthma.
It was notable that antidepressants were more often rated by the public as likely to be harmful than helpful.

15. helpful

Meaning: willing to help, or useful
She’s such a pleasant, helpful child!
I’m sorry, I was only trying to be helpful.
He made several helpful suggestions.


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16. hopeful


Meaning: having hope
He was hopeful about the outcome of the meeting.
They were hopeful of a successful agreement.
I’m hopeful (that) we can reach a compromise.

17. meaningful


Meaning: intended to show meaning, often secretly; important or valuable
He had a meaningful look on his face.
He raised one eyebrow in a meaningful way.
She found it difficult to form meaningful relationships.

18. mindful


Meaning: careful not to forget about something
Mindful of the poor road conditions, she reduced her speed to 30 mph.
Politicians are increasingly mindful that young voters are turning away from traditional parties.

19. painful


Meaning: causing emotional or physical pain
The old photograph brought back painful memories.
A painful injury forced her to withdraw from the game.


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20. peaceful


Meaning: without violence
People made peaceful demonstrators on the streets.
She hoped the different ethnic groups in the area could live together in peaceful co-existence.
The president is predisposed towards negotiation and favors a peaceful way of resolving the crisis.
There has been a dramatic shift in public opinion towards peaceful negotiations.

21. Plentiful


Meaning: If something is plentiful, there is a lot of it available
Strawberries are plentiful in the summer.
I took a plentiful supply of games to keep the children amused.

22. powerful


Meaning: having a lot of power to control people and events
The president is more powerful than the prime minister.
She’s the most powerful person in the organization.
I get the impression that Sheila is the powerful one in that relationship, not her husband!
Today’s teachers are not the powerful authority figures they once were.
Are multinational companies now more powerful than governments?

23. rightful


Meaning: A rightful position or claim is one that is morally or legally correct; having a just and fair claim according to the law
Don’t forget that I am the rightful owner of this house.
The stolen property was returned to the rightful owners.

24. successful


Meaning: achieving the results wanted or hoped for
a successful operation
My second attempt at making bread was a little more successful.
This year’s harvest was one of the most successful since the record crop of 1985.

25. thoughtful


Meaning: carefully considering things; quiet because you are thinking about something; kind and always thinking about how you can help other people
He has a thoughtful approach to his work.
You look thoughtful.
Thank you for calling when I was ill – it was very thoughtful of you.
She’s a very thoughtful person.


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26. unlawful


Meaning: not allowed by law
unlawful possession of guns
It is unlawful for any investment adviser to engage in fraudulent or manipulative practices.

27. unsuccessful


Meaning: not achieving the hoped for result; not successful
They made several unsuccessful attempts to reach the men.
His application was unsuccessful.

28. useful


Meaning: effective; helping you to do or achieve something
A good knife is probably one of the most useful things you can have in a kitchen.
Do the exercises serve any useful purpose?

29. wonderful


Meaning: extremely good
He’s a wonderful cook.
“Did you know that Daryl’s getting married?” “No, I didn’t. How wonderful!”
We had a wonderful time in Italy last summer.

30. Youthful


Meaning: having the qualities that are typical of young people; young
At the time I admired his youthful enthusiasm.
She has very youthful skin.
A youthful president can be good for a country’s morale.


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Grammatical Points

It is worthwhile here to point out a few important grammatical notes about words ending with “ful”. As you may know, “ful” is a suffix.

A suffix is a word part that is attached to the end of a word to make a new word from that.

This suffix has taken its meaning from the word “full” which means “as much as possible or a lot”.

However, when used as a suffix, it is written with only one “L”.
A general rule about suffixes is that they can change the “part of speech” of a word.

For example, if you add “ful” to a noun like “beauty”, it changes into an adjective, “beautiful”.

Most of the times, when “ful” is added to the end of a noun, it changes into an adjective.

Nevertheless, there are words that when we add “ful” to them, their part of speech does not change.

For example, if “ful” is added to the noun “hand”, it becomes “handful”, which is still a noun (meaning an amount of something that can be held in one hand).

Learning about suffixes and prefixes (called “affixes” generally) can help you not only to make different words from one word, but it actually plays the role of a code.

By learning affixes, you can manage to decode and guess the meaning of words that you have not heard or seen before.

Concluding Note

In this lesson, I provided for you a list of top 30 words that end in “ful”.

As you know, there are many more words that end in “ful”, but I provided the most useful and practical ones here for you.

The definitions and example sentence for each word were provided as well to help you learn better and remember them more easily later.

I hope this lesson about words ending in “ful” has been useful and interesting to you. Visit my page for more interesting English lessons. See you soon!

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