Top 70 Most Used Words Ending in “Less”

Hello dear learners. Are you ready for another interesting lesson? Today’s lesson is about the top 70 most used words ending in “less”.

when we want to describe someone or something, we use adjectives. For example, we call a person who hurts an animal “cruel”. However, there is another way to describe negative or positive characteristics by using the suffix “less” and attaching it to a noun.

Suffixes are used after nouns to make adjectives. There are a variety of suffixes that make adjectives from nouns. In this lesson today, we are going to learn about “less”. “Less” means “without”.

For instance, a synonym for the adjective “cruel” that I mentioned earlier is “ruthless”. Here, the word “ruth” means “pity” or “sympathy” and “less” means “without”, therefore, “ruthless” means “without pity/sympathy”.

Following is a list of adjectives ending in “less” together with their definitions and examples to help you learn this subject comprehensively. There are hundreds of words that end in “less”, but here are the top 70 most used ones.

At the end, a few adverbs that end in “less” are mentioned as well. All the meanings of adjectives and adverbs are taken from Cambridge Dictionary. The entries have been prepared for you in alphabetic order to make searching easier.


Discover 80 words ending in -less with examples by watching this video.”

Top 70 Most Used Words Ending in “Less”

1- Aimless



Meaning: without any clear intentions, purpose, or direction
Example: She said that her life seemed aimless after her children left home.

2- Airless

Meaning: used to describe a place where it is difficult to breathe or the air is not fresh
Example: My hotel room was small, airless, and uncomfortable.

3- Baseless

Meaning: not based on facts
Example: She assured me that my fears were baseless.

4- Beardless

Meaning: without a beard
Example: he had a beardless face.

5- Blameless

Meaning: not responsible for anything bad
Example: It was mainly my fault, but she wasn’t entirely blameless.

6- Bloodless



Meaning: A bloodless military operation involves no deaths
Example: The rebel soldiers seized power in a bloodless coup.

7- Boneless

Meaning: without a bone
Example: you need a boneless breast of chicken.

8- Bottomless

Meaning: A bottomless hole, container, etc. has or appears to have no bottom
Example: The pond looked dark, almost bottomless.

9- Boundless

Meaning: having no limit
Example: She has boundless energy and enthusiasm.

10- Brainless

Meaning: stupid
Example: What sort of brainless idiot would do that?

11- Breathless

Meaning: not able to breathe easily
Example: I was breathless after climbing the stairs.

12- Careless


Meaning: not taking or showing enough care and attention
Example: My son’s teacher says that his work is often rather careless.

13- Cashless

Meaning: using or operating with credit and debit cards and electronic systems, not money in the form of coins or notes
Example: a cashless society

14- Causeless

Meaning: without any good reason:
Example: Sometimes you may feel causeless anxiety.

15- Ceaseless

Meaning: without stopping, or seeming to have no end
Example: their fight on that piece of land seems to be ceaseless.

16- Charmless

Meaning: unpleasant and without charm or interest
Example: I’ve always found him a most charmless individual.

17- Classless 1

Meaning: not belonging to a particular social class
Example: Her accent is classless.

– Classless 2

Meaning: having no different social classes
Example: The prime minister claims that he wants to create a classless society.

18- Clueless


Meaning: having no knowledge of something, or of things in general
Example: Most people are completely clueless about tide directions and weather conditions.

19- Colorless

Meaning: having no color
Example: Water and glass are colorless.

20- Comfortless

Meaning: without anything that gives physical comfort
Example: he had a comfortless childhood.

21- Contactless

Meaning: relating to the use of wireless technology to make a payment using a credit card or debit card, or a mobile phone
Example: Our debit cards are now contactless and will work at contactless readers throughout the UK.

22- Countless

Meaning: very many, or too many to be counted
Example: There are countless arguments against this ridiculous proposal.

23- Cordless


Meaning: A cordless electrical tool or piece of equipment operates without needing to be permanently connected by a wire to an electrical supply
Example: She has a cordless iron in her home.

24- Dateless

Meaning: with no romantic partner or no one to go out with romantically
Example: She was dateless on St Valentine’s Day – she had not even received a card.

25- Dauntless

Meaning: showing determination and no fear
Example: In spite of the scale of the famine, the relief workers struggled on with dauntless optimism.

26- Deathless

Meaning: lasting for ever and never to be forgotten:
Example: His deathless prose attracted lots of attention.

27- Defenseless

Meaning: Defenseless people, animals, places, or things are weak and unable to protect themselves from attack
Example: They were defenseless against the enemy bombs.

28- Directionless

Meaning: not knowing what to do or what you want to do
Example: He felt directionless in his life.

29- Dreamless


Meaning: Dreamless sleep is sleep in which you do not dream
Example: I sank into a deep, dreamless sleep.

30- Emotionless

Meaning: not showing emotion
Example: Her song was emotionless.

31- Endless

Meaning: never finishing, or seeming never to finish
Example: We used to have endless arguments about politics.

32- Faceless

Meaning: having no clear characteristics and therefore not interesting
Example: there were faceless officials working in that company.

33- Fearless

Meaning: having no fear
Example: She was a fearless fighter.

34- Featureless

Meaning: looking the same in every part, usually in a way that most people consider to be boring
Example: we faced a grey featureless landscape.

35- Feckless


Meaning: weak in character and lacking determination
Example: He was portrayed as a feckless drunk.

36- Flawless

Meaning: perfect or without mistakes
Example: She had a flawless performance.

37- Formless

Meaning: without clear shape or structure
Example: At first, all the visits and discussions seemed somewhat formless.

38- Frictionless

Meaning: without any friction (= the force that makes it difficult for an object to slide across or move through something)
Example: Cartilage covers the ends of the bones in our joints and permits nearly frictionless movement.

39- Fruitless

Meaning: If an action or attempt to do something is fruitless, it is unsuccessful or produces nothing of value
Example: All diplomatic attempts at a peaceful solution to the crisis have been fruitless.

40- Groundless

Meaning: without cause
Example: My fears turned out to be groundless.

41- Hapless


Meaning: unlucky and usually unhappy
Example: Many children are hapless victims of this war.


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42- Heartless

Meaning: cruel and not worrying about other people
Example: Don’t be so heartless!

43- Helpless

Meaning: unable to do anything to help yourself or anyone else
Example: You feel so helpless because there’s nothing you can do to make the child better.

44- Homeless

Meaning: without a home
Example: Accommodation needs to be found for thousands of homeless families.

45- Hopeless

Meaning: without hope
Example: She was depressed and felt totally hopeless about the future.

46- Lawless

Meaning: not controlled by laws, or illegal
Example: The film is set in a lawless city sometime in the future.

47- Meaningless


Meaning: having no meaning
Example: A meaningless phrase was written on the t-shirt.

48- Moonless

Meaning: without light from the moon
Example: it was a dark moonless night.

49- Nameless

Meaning: having no name, or having a name that is not known
Example: The author of the medieval text was nameless.

50- Painless 1

Meaning: causing no physical pain
Example: a painless medical procedure

51- Painless 2

Meaning: causing no problems
Example: a painless solution to a problem

52- Passionless

Meaning: without any passion
Example: This music is passionless.

53- Priceless

Meaning: A priceless object has such a high value, especially because it is rare, that the price of it cannot be calculated
Example: A priceless collection of vases was destroyed.

54- Purposeless

Meaning: done without a clear intention
Example: they had a purposeless fight all night.

55- Remorseless 1

Meaning: severe and showing no sadness or guilt
Example: I met a remorseless judge in the court.

– Remorseless 2

Meaning: never stopping or impossible to stop
Example: The hurricane’s remorseless approach could be observed.

56- Restless

Meaning: unwilling or unable to stay still or to be quiet and calm, because you are worried or bored
Example: He’s a restless type – he never stays in one country for long.

57- Rimless

Meaning: Rimless glasses do not have a rim (= an outer edge made from a different material)
Example: He’s got new rimless reading glasses.

58- Rudderless

Meaning: (of an organization) without anyone in control and therefore unable to take decisions
Example: When a ship is sailing the sea rudderless, only fools stand on the deck and argue about who is to blame.

59- Ruthless

Meaning: not thinking or worrying about any pain caused to others; cruel
Example: Some people believe that to succeed in this world you have to be ruthless.

60- Scoreless

Meaning: In a scoreless game, no goals or points are scored
Example: After a scoreless first half, United went on to win 2–0.

61- Seamless

Meaning: without any seams (= lines of sewing joining different pieces of cloth):
Example: I like seamless tights.

62- Stainless 1

Meaning: with no marks on it, or made of a substance that is not damaged by air or water and that does not change color
Example: I bought a few stainless food containers.

– Stainless 2

Meaning: morally good; having done nothing that could be considered to be wrong
Example: He was a man of stainless character.

63- Tasteless 1

Meaning: likely to upset someone
Example: I hated his tasteless jokes.

– Tasteless 2

Meaning: having no flavor
Example: The meat was dry and tasteless.

– Tasteless 3

Meaning: not stylish
Example: The decor in the house was tasteless.

64- Thoughtless

Meaning: not considering how your actions or words may upset someone
Example: She’s not intentionally unkind – she’s just a little thoughtless sometimes.

65- Tireless

Meaning: working energetically and continuously
Example: Tony is a tireless worker.

66- Toneless

Meaning: (of a voice) not expressing any emotion
Example: He had a toneless voice when talking to me.

67- Tuneless

Meaning: having no tune and unpleasant
Example: Tuneless whistling makes him angry.

68- Useless

Meaning: of no use; not working or not achieving what is needed
Example: Without fuel, the vehicles will become useless for moving supplies.

69- Voiceless

Meaning: If a group of people is voiceless, it does not have the power or the legal right to express their opinions
Example: He spent his life fighting for the rights of the voiceless and the underprivileged.

70- Wireless

Meaning: using a system of radio signals rather than wires to connect computers, mobile phones, etc. to each other:
Example: we have a wireless connection to the Internet here.


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Adverbs that end in less:

Adverbs that end in less


Meaning: used to mean that you are certain that something will happen or is true
Example: Doubtless you have heard the news already.


Meaning: despite what has just been said or referred to
Example: I knew a lot about the subject already, but her talk was interesting nevertheless.


Meaning: despite what has just been said or done
Example: There are serious problems in our country. Nonetheless, we feel this is a good time to return.


Meaning: despite; not being affected by something
Example: This job is open to all, regardless of previous experience.
Notice: After this adverb the preposition “of” is used.

Concluding note

So, today we reviewed the top 70 most used words that end in “less”. As you might have noticed, this suffix does not necessarily make negative adjectives.

For example, the word “priceless” means “very much expensive” or the word “countless” means “very many”. Therefore, you should pay attention to the context to understand the right meaning of the adjectives that end in “less”.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson. Try to make your own sentences using some of these words to learn them better. V=and visit my page for more interesting English lessons.

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