Top 100 Commonly Used Verbs That Start With W [2024]

In my classes, I always encourage my students to explore diverse parts of speech to enrich their language skills.

Today, I am excited to share with you the top 100 commonly used verbs that start with the letter “W” in 2024! Verbs are the powerhouse of our sentences, bringing life and action to our words.

Verbs are the powerhouse of any sentence, driving the action and providing context.

Here are some verbs that start with ‘W’ that I frequently encounter in my classes: 

  1. Water
  2. Wham
  3. Weal
  4. Wrangle
  5. Wrench
  6. Worship
  7. Wad
  8. Weigh
  9. Waive
  10. Wash
  11. Web
  12. Wag
  13. Wilt
  14. Wager
  15. Waul
  16. Widen
  17. Wane
  18. Waste
  19. Welcome
  20. Waggle
  21. Wage
  22. Warp
  23. Wring
  24. Walk
  25. Want
  26. Warble
  27. Wrap
  28. Winkle
  29. Whistle
  30. Watch
  31. Wallow
  32. Wile
  33. Weet
  34. Wed
  35. Witness
  36. Wiredraw
  37. Whelp
  38. Wrestle
  39. Weaken
  40. Wake
  41. Weed
  42. Wean
  43. Warrant
  44. Withdraw
  45. Withstand
  46. Wield
  47. Wave
  48. White
  49. Waft
  50. Whitewash
  51. Weave
  52. Wing
  53. Weary
  54. Whirl
  55. Wedge
  56. Wither
  57. Wail
  58. Well
  59. Waterproof
  60. Weird
  61. War
  62. Whip
  63. Wall
  64. Wander
  65. Wangle
  66. Wear
  67. Weep
  68. Warish
  69. Whimper
  70. Wend
  71. Wedlock
  72. Whack
  73. Wink
  74. Wish
  75. While
  76. Wheedle
  77. Ween
  78. Wreck
  79. Whisk
  80. Wheel
  81. Woo
  82. Warm
  83. Wrinkle
  84. Worsen
  85. Win
  86. Wobble
  87. Wreathe
  88. Wet
  89. Winter
  90. Wipe
  91. Weld
  92. Way
  93. Wow
  94. Waltz
  95. Whine
  96. Weather
  97. Wreak
  98. Work
  99. Wrong
  100. Write
  1. Water: To provide moisture or liquid to something, such as plants or crops. 


– The farmer watered the crops to ensure a bountiful harvest.

– She watered the plants in her garden every evening to keep them healthy and vibrant.


  1. Wham: To strike something forcefully with a loud impact. 


– The storm hit with a loud wham, causing the windows to rattle.

– He opened the door with a wham, startling everyone in the room. 


  1. Weal: Refers to prosperity, well-being, or success.


– The company’s new marketing campaign brought great weal in terms of increased sales.

– The community’s weal was evident in the improved quality of life for its residents.


  1. Wrangle: To argue or dispute loudly and heatedly. 


– The siblings continued to wrangle over who would get the last piece of cake.

– The politicians wrangled over the budget, unable to reach a compromise.


  1. Wrench: To twist or pull something abruptly or forcefully. 


– He wrenched the door open to escape the burning building.

– She felt her heart wrench as she said goodbye to her best friend.


  1. Worship: To show reverence and adoration for a deity or religious figure. 


– The congregation gathered to worship and pray at the church.

– She felt a sense of peace and joy while worshiping with others in the mosque.


  1. Wad: To bunch or compress something tightly. 


– He wadded up the paper and tossed it into the recycling bin.

– She wadded the dough before placing it in the oven to bake.


  1. Weigh: To measure the weight of an object or person. 


– The doctor weighed the patient before prescribing the medication.

– She weighed the ingredients carefully before mixing them for the recipe.


  1. Waive: To give up or surrender a right or claim. 


– The store manager decided to waive the restocking fee for the customer.

– She chose to waive her holiday bonus to help fund a charity project.


  1. Wash: To clean something using water and often soap. 


– He washed the car to remove the dirt and grime from the road trip.


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  1. Web: To interconnect or link items together in a complex network. 


– The spider began to web its intricate design between the branches of the tree.

– The company’s website was designed to web various products and services seamlessly.


  1. Wag: To move or shake something back and forth quickly. 


– The dog began to wag its tail happily as its owner approached.

– She wagged her finger at the children to warn them of the consequences of their actions.


  1. Wilt: To become limp or droop from lack of water or nutrients. 


– The flowers wilted under the scorching sun without enough water.

– The lettuce began to wilt in the refrigerator after being left untouched for days.


  1. Wager: To bet or risk something valuable on the outcome of an event or situation. 


– He decided to wager his entire savings on a game of poker.

– The friends often wagered small amounts of money on friendly sports competitions.


  1. Waul: To wail or cry out loudly. 


– The cat wauled in distress when it got stuck in a tree.

– The baby began to waul for attention as soon as its mother left the room.


  1. Widen: To increase in width or extent. 


– The road construction project aimed to widen the lanes to accommodate more traffic.

– Her eyes widened in surprise as she heard the unexpected news.


  1. Wane: To decrease gradually in size, amount, or intensity. 


– The popularity of the trend began to wane as newer styles emerged.

– The moon waned in the night sky, becoming smaller and smaller over the course of the month.


  1. Waste: To use or expend something carelessly or without purpose. 


– She didn’t want to waste food, so she stored the leftovers for another meal.

– The company aimed to reduce waste by implementing recycling programs and sustainable practices.


  1. Welcome: To greet or receive someone with pleasure and warmth. 


– The hostess welcomed the guests with a big smile and friendly hug.

– They were welcomed into the community with open arms and invitations to join local events.


  1. Waggle: To move or shake something back and forth repeatedly in a playful or energetic manner. 


– The cat wagged its tail and began to waggle its paws while playing with a toy.

– She waggle her hips to the music, dancing with joy at the party.



  1. Wage: To engage in or carry out a specified action or activity. 


– The workers decided to wage a protest against unfair labor conditions.

– She wagers to wage a campaign to raise awareness about environmental conservation.


  1. Warp: To become twisted or distorted from its original shape. 


– The wooden floorboards warped due to exposure to moisture.

– The fabric began to warp after being left out in the sun for too long.


  1. Wring: To twist or squeeze something forcefully to extract liquid or tighten. 


– The chef wrung the excess water out of the cooked spinach before plating it.


  1. Walk: To move on foot at a regular and fairly slow pace. 


– They decided to walk to the park for some fresh air and exercise.

– She walked through the forest, enjoying the peaceful sounds of nature.


  1. Want: To desire or wish for something. 


– He wanted a new bike for his birthday, so his parents bought him one.

– She wanted to travel the world and experience different cultures.


  1. Warble: To sing or play music in a melodious and pleasant manner. 


– The bird warbled a beautiful song in the treetops.

– The musician warbled a sweet melody on her guitar during the concert.


  1. Wrap: To cover or enclose something in a protective or decorative way. 


– The film crew wrapped up shooting for the day as the sun began to set.


  1. Winkle: To extract something or someone by skillful or persistent efforts. 


– He managed to winkle out some valuable information from the secretive witness.

– She winkle the key out of the locked door with a bit of finesse.


  1. Whistle: To make a high-pitched sound by blowing air through pursed lips. 


– The kettle began to whistle when the water inside started boiling.

– He whistles a tune as he walked down the street, spreading cheer to those around him.


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  1. Watch: To look at or observe someone or something attentively. 


– She watched the sunset from her balcony, marveling at the vibrant colors.

– He watches his favorite TV show every night before bed for relaxation.



  1. Wallow: To indulge in a particular emotion or activity to an excessive degree. 


– After receiving the bad news, she allowed herself to wallow in self-pity for a while.

– The pig wallowed happily in the mud on a hot summer day.


  1. Wile: To use cunning or deceitful strategies to achieve a goal. 


– The con artist wiled his way into the wealthy widow’s trust to steal her money.

– She wiled her coworkers with false promises to gain favor in the office.


  1. Weet: To know or understand something. 


– The wise old man seemed to weet the secrets of the universe.

– She could not weet why he behaved the way he did.


  1. Wed: To marry or unite in marriage. 


– The couple decided to wed in a small, intimate ceremony.

– They wed in a traditional church wedding surrounded by their friends and family.


  1. Witness: To see or observe an event or situation. 


– He witnessed the accident from across the street and rushed to help.

– The security camera captured the theft, providing key evidence for the investigation.


  1. Wiredraw: To elongate and reduce the diameter of a metal wire by pulling it through a drawing plate. 


– The craftsman wiredrew the silver wire to create fine jewelry pieces.

– She wiredrew the copper wire to the desired thickness for her electrical project.


  1. Whelp: To give birth to a puppy, especially for a dog. 


– The dog whelped a litter of adorable puppies in the cozy den.

– She watched as her beloved pet whelped for the first time, full of excitement and nerves.


  1. Wrestle: To engage in a physical struggle or combat, typically with grappling techniques. 


– The wrestlers wrestled fiercely in the ring, entertaining the cheering crowd.

– He wrestled with his inner demons, trying to find peace within himself.


  1. Weaken: To make or become weaker in strength, power, or influence. 


– The prolonged illness weakened her immune system, making her susceptible to infections.

– The economic crisis weakened the country’s currency and stability.


  1. Wake: To emerge or become awake after sleeping. 


– She woke up early to catch the sunrise over the ocean.

– The loud noise woke him from his deep slumber, causing him to jump out of bed.



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  1. Weed: To remove unwanted plants from an area, typically a garden or agricultural field.


– She spent the afternoon weeding the flower beds to ensure the plants had enough space to thrive.

– The farmer weeded the cornfield to prevent competition for nutrients and water.


  1. Wean: To detach a child or young animal from its mother’s milk to start eating solid food.


– The mother decided to wean her baby off breastfeeding and introduce solid foods gradually.

– The farmer began to wean the calves to prepare them for independent feeding.


  1. Warrant: To justify or deserve a particular action or behavior.


– Her talent and determination warrant her a promotion in the company.

– The evidence found at the crime scene warranted a full investigation by the police.


  1. Withdraw: To remove or take back something that was previously offered or granted.


– After careful consideration, she decided to withdraw her application for the job.

– The company had to withdraw its support for the project due to budget constraints.


  1. Withstand: To endure or resist a challenging situation, force, or pressure.


– The old bridge was built to withstand strong winds and heavy loads.

– Despite the adversity, she was able to withstand the criticism and continue pursuing her goals.


  1. Wield: To hold and use a weapon, tool, or power effectively.


– The skilled swordsman wielded his blade with precision and grace in the duel.

– She learned how to wield the power of social media to promote her business successfully.


  1. Wave: To move one’s hand or arm back and forth in a greeting or signal.


– She waved goodbye to her friends as the train left the station.

– The flag waved proudly in the wind atop the mountain peak.


  1. White: To turn an object or surface to a white color by applying paint or another substance.


– She decided to white the walls of her living room to brighten up the space.

– The artist carefully whited the canvas before starting the painting.


  1. Waft: To pass or cause to pass easily and gently through the air.


– The scent of fresh flowers wafted into the room from the garden.

– The warm breeze wafted through her hair as she walked along the beach.


  1. Whitewash: To cover up or gloss over faults or errors by giving a misleadingly positive account.


– The company attempted to whitewash its reputation by releasing a carefully crafted statement.

– The politician’s speech tried to whitewash the scandal, but the public saw through the deception.

  1. Weave 

Meaning: To form something by combining elements in a way that creates a coherent whole 


– The artisan weaved a beautiful tapestry using different colored threads.

– The spider weaved an intricate web to catch its prey.


  1. Wing 

Meaning: To move swiftly and gracefully 


– The ballet dancer gracefully winged across the stage.

– The eagle wings through the sky with ease.


  1. Weary 

Meaning: TO feel tired Or exhausted 


– The hiker grew weary after climbing up the steep mountain trail.


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  1. Whirl 

Meaning: To move or spin around quickly 


– The children watched in awe as the carousel began to whirl around.

– The tornado began to whirl, destroying everything in its path.


  1. Wedge 

MEaning: TO force something into A narrow space 


– The doorstop was used to wedge the door open.

– She wedged the last piece of the puzzle into place to complete it.


  1. Wither 

Meaning: To become dry, shrunken, and faded 


– The flowers began to wither without water.

– The old fruit on the tree began to wither and fall to the ground.


  1. Wail 

Meaning: To cry out loudly in pain or grief 


– The mourners wailed as they carried the casket to the burial site.

– The injured man wailed in agony as the paramedics treated his wounds.


  1. Well 

Meaning: To rise to the surface of a body of water 


– The dolphin surfaced well above the water to take a breath.


  1. Waterproof 

Meaning: To make something resistant to water 


– The raincoat was waterproof, keeping her dry in the storm.

– The sealant was applied to the deck to waterproof it against the elements.


  1. Weird 

Meaning: To be strange or unusual 


– The strange noises coming from the old house were very weird.

– His weird behavior made his friends concerned for his well-being.

  1. War

Meaning: To engage in armed conflict or battle 


– The two countries were at war for years before finally signing a peace treaty.

– The soldiers prepared for war by training and strategizing for the upcoming battle.


  1. Whip

Meaning: To move swiftly or forcefully 


– The chef whipped the cream until it formed stiff peaks.


  1. Wall

Meaning: To build a structure to enclose or divide an area 


– The construction workers will wall off the construction site to keep people out.

– The farmer built a stone wall to separate the different sections of his land.


  1. Wander

Meaning: To move or walk aimlessly or without a specific destination 


– The hiker loved to wander through the forest, exploring new paths and trails.

– The lost dog wandered through the neighborhood, searching for its way home.


  1. Wangle

Meaning: To manipulate or finagle something in a clever or deceitful way 


– She managed to wangle her way into the exclusive event by pretending to be someone else.

– The salesman wangled a good deal for the car by negotiating with the seller.


  1. Wear

MEaning: TO have something On one’s body as clothing or an accessory 


– He liked to wear a hat to protect himself from the sun.


  1. Weep

Meaning: To shed tears due to sadness or sorrow 


– The movie was so touching that it made her weep uncontrollably.

– The child began to weep when he realized he had lost his favorite toy.


  1. Warish

Meaning: To have the appearance or characteristics of war 


– The warish atmosphere in the city made everyone on edge.

– The tense negotiations between the two countries had a warish feel to them.


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  1. Whimper

Meaning: To make a low, feeble crying sound 


– The puppy whimpered when it realized it was alone in the dark.

– She couldn’t help but whimper in pain as she stubbed her toe on the table.


  1. Wend

Meaning: To go in a particular direction 


– The group decided to wend their way through the forest, following a narrow trail.

– He wended his way through the crowded market, dodging shoppers and vendors along the way.

  1. Wend

Meaning: To go in a particular direction 


– The group decided to wend their way through the forest, following a narrow trail.

– He wended his way through the crowded market, dodging shoppers and vendors along the way.


  1. Wedlock

Meaning: To enter into marriage or a marital relationship 


– The couple exchanged vows and entered into wedlock in a beautiful ceremony.

– He wanted to ensure his children were born within wedlock before he passed away.


  1. Whack

MEaning: TO strike forcefully With a sharp blow 


– The chef used a knife to whack the garlic cloves to release their flavor.

– He whacked the ball with all his strength, sending it flying into the distance.


  1. Wink

MEaning: TO close and open one eye quickly as signal or gesture 


– She winked at her friend to let her know they were in on a secret joke.

– The teacher winked at the student who had given the correct answer to encourage him.


  1. Wish

Meaning: To desire or want something to happen 


– She closed her eyes and made a wish before blowing out the birthday candles.

– He wished for good health and happiness for his family during the holiday season.


  1. While

Meaning: To spend time in a specified manner 


– She liked to while away the hours reading a good book.

– He whiled away the evening watching his favorite TV show.


  1. Wheedle

Meaning: To persuade someone to do something or give something by using flattery or charm 


– She managed to wheedle her way into getting a discount on her purchase by sweet-talking the cashier.


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  1. Ween

Meaning: To think or believe something 


– He weened that his best friend was trustworthy based on their long history together.

– She weened that the project would be successful due to the hard work put into it.


  1. Wreck

Meaning: To destroy or cause severe damage to something 


– The car accident wrecked his prized possession, leaving him devastated.


  1. Whisk

Meaning: To move quickly or with a rapid sweeping motion 


– The chef used a whisk to mix the ingredients together in a bowl.

– She whisked through the crowded street to catch the last bus of the night.


  1. Wheel

Meaning: To turn or change direction rapidly 


– The driver wheeled the car around the corner with expert precision.

– The dancer wheeled across the stage, showcasing her graceful movements.

  1. Woo

Meaning: To seek the affection or favor of someone, typically in a romantic context


– He tried to woo her with flowers and poetry to win her heart.

– The company will woo potential clients with a luxurious dinner and impressive presentation.


  1. Warm

Meaning: To raise the temperature of something or make it warmer


– She warmed her hands by the fireplace on a cold winter evening.

– The sun warmed the earth, causing the snow to melt.


  1. Wrinkle

Meaning: To form small lines or creases on a surface


– The bedsheet was wrinkled after being crumpled in the laundry basket.

– Her forehead wrinkled in confusion as she tried to understand the complex instructions.


  1. Worsen

Meaning: To become more severe or bad


– The patient’s condition seemed to worsen despite the treatment.

– The economic situation in the country continued to worsen, causing concern among the citizens.


  1. Win

Meaning: To achieve victory or success in a competition or conflict


– The team worked hard to win the championship trophy.

– She was determined to win the debate and presented her arguments persuasively.


  1. Wobble

Meaning: To move unsteadily from side to side


– The table wobbled on its uneven legs, causing the dishes to clatter.

– The toddler wobbled as he took his first steps, trying to maintain his balance.


  1. Wreathe

Meaning: To cover or surround something in a loop or circle shape


– The arbor was wreathed in beautiful flowers for the wedding ceremony.

– The holiday wreath was hung on the door as a festive decoration.


  1. Wet

Meaning: To moisten or saturate something with water or another liquid


– He wet his hands with water before splashing his face to wake himself up.

– The rain wet the ground, making it slippery and muddy.


  1. Winter

Meaning: To spend the winter season in a particular place


– They decided to winter in a warm climate to escape the cold weather of their hometown.

– The birds would winter in the southern regions to find food and shelter during the harsh winter months.


  1. Wipe

Meaning: To clean or dry something by using a cloth or paper


– She wiped the spill off the kitchen counter with a damp cloth.

– He wiped his hands on his pants after working on the car engine.

  1. Weld

Meaning: To join pieces of metal together by heating them until they melt and then pressing them together


– The blacksmith welded the iron bars together to create a sturdy gate.

– The welder carefully welded the pipes to ensure there were no leaks.


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  1. Way

Meaning: To travel in a particular direction or manner


– They decided to way their way through the forest to reach the hidden waterfall.

– The hikers wayed up the steep mountain trail to enjoy the breathtaking view from the top.


  1. Wow

Meaning: To impress or excite someone greatly


– The magician’s tricks never failed to wow the audience during his performances.

– The stunning fireworks display wowed everyone at the New Year’s Eve celebration.


  1. Waltz

Meaning: To dance the waltz, a graceful and flowing ballroom dance


– The couple waltzed across the dance floor with ease and elegance.

– She learned how to waltz for her sister’s wedding and danced beautifully with her partner.


  1. Whine

Meaning: To make a high-pitched and complaining sound


– The dog would whine whenever it felt lonely or hungry.

– She would whine about having to do chores instead of going out with her friends.


  1. Weather

Meaning: To withstand or survive through a difficult situation or adverse conditions


– The old house weathered many storms without sustaining significant damage.

– The team managed to weather the fierce competition and come out victorious.


  1. Wreak

Meaning: To cause great harm or damage


– The hurricane wreaked havoc on the coastal town, leaving many homes destroyed.

– His reckless behavior could easily wreak havoc on the entire project if left unchecked.


  1. Work

Meaning: To perform labor or tasks in order to achieve a specific goal or outcome


– She would work tirelessly to meet the deadline for the project.

– The mechanic had to work long hours to repair the damaged car.


  1. Wrong

Meaning: To treat unfairly or unjustly


– The student felt wronged by the teacher’s decision to give them a failing grade.


  1. Write

Meaning: To put thoughts, ideas, or information onto paper or a digital medium


– She would write in her journal every night before going to bed.

– The author would spend hours writing her novel, pouring her heart and soul into each page.


In conclusion, venturing through the list of verbs starting with “W” has been a fascinating journey for me.

I hope you found this compilation helpful in expanding your vocabulary and understanding of the English language.

What verb from this list resonated with you the most, and how do you plan to incorporate it into your everyday communication?

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