Top 100 Commonly Used Verbs That Start With R [2024]

Verbs are an essential part of speech that convey action, state, or occurrence. In this article, I will explore a variety of verbs that start with the letter “R.”

These verbs can add depth and variety to your writing, allowing you to express yourself more creatively. Let’s dive into the world of “R” verbs!

  1. Run: To move swiftly on foot or by another means.

   Example: “She runs every morning to stay fit.”

  1. Read: To interpret written or printed material.

   Example: “He loves to read novels in his free time.”

  1. Relax: To rest or take time off from work or daily activities.

   Example: “After a long day, she likes to relax by watching her favorite TV show.”

  1. Remember: To recall or bring back to mind.

   Example: “I remember the first time we met.”

  1. Reach: To extend one’s hand or arm in order to touch or grasp something.

   Example: “He reached for the book on the top shelf.”

  1. Reflect: To think deeply or consider something carefully.

   Example: “She reflected on the meaning of life.”

  1. React: To respond or show a particular response to a stimulus.

   Example: “The audience reacted with excitement when the band started playing.”

  1. Repair: To fix or restore something that is broken or damaged.

   Example: “He repaired the broken chair.”

  1. Resist: To withstand or oppose something or someone.

   Example: “She resisted the temptation to eat the chocolate cake.”

  1. Runaway: To escape or flee from a situation or place.

    Example: “The prisoner made a runaway attempt but was caught.”

  1. Roam: To wander or move around without a specific purpose or direction.

    Example: “They enjoyed roaming around the city streets.”

  1. Risk: To expose oneself to danger or harm.

    Example: “He decided to risk his savings and start his own business.”

  1. Rotate: To turn or spin around a central axis.

    Example: “The Earth rotates on its axis once every 24 hours.”

  1. Resist: To withstand or withstand the force or effect of something.

    Example: “The dam resisted the pressure of the water.”

  1. Recognize: To identify or acknowledge someone or something as familiar or known.

    Example: “She recognized her childhood friend at the party.”

Here are some verbs that start with the letter “R

These are just a few examples of verbs starting with the letter “R.” Incorporating these verbs into your writing can add variety and depth to your sentences. So, don’t hesitate to explore the world of “R” verbs and enhance your writing skills!

  1. Read
  2. Run
  3. Reach
  4. Remember
  5. React
  6. Relax
  7. Reflect
  8. Repair
  9. Repeat
  10. Replace
  11. Request
  12. Review
  13. Recommend
  14. Receive
  15. Report
  16. Release
  17. Return
  18. Realize
  19. Recognize
  20. Resolve
  21. Research
  22. Resist
  23. Regret
  24. Risk
  25. Reveal
  26. Revise
  27. Rejoice
  28. Reconsider
  29. Recharge
  30. Reassure
  31. Reward
  32. Ring
  33. Roam
  34. Rotate
  35. Rush
  36. Relax
  37. Reorganize
  38. Revitalize
  39. Roast
  40. Rely
  41. Rebuild
  42. Radiate
  43. Rub
  44. Rumble
  45. Race
  46. Roar
  47. Reheat
  48. Rattle
  49. Ruin
  50. Ride
  51. Root
  52. Revoke
  53. Reveal
  54. Replenish
  55. Reap
  56. Rouse
  57. Rumble
  58. Reconcile
  59. Reconnect
  60. Rekindle
  61. Reappraise
  62. Reconstruct
  63. Reconsider
  64. Reassess
  65. Reawaken
  66. Realign
  67. Reanimate
  68. Reassert
  69. Reaffirm
  70. Reapply
  71. Reapportion
  72. Reassemble
  73. Reacquaint
  74. Reaffix
  75. Reappraise
  76. Reassimilate
  77. Reassociate
  78. Reattribute
  79. Reauthorize
  80. Reavail
  81. Reaver
  82. Reavoid
  83. Rebaptize
  84. Rebar
  85. Rebark
  86. Rebase
  87. Rebate
  88. Rebathe
  89. Rebattle
  90. Rebawl
  91. Rebear
  92. Rebeat
  93. Rebeg
  94. Rebeget
  95. Rebeggar
  96. Rebeguile
  97. Rebekah
  98. Rebel
  99. Rebele
  100. Rebelize


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Adverbs that Start with r for Kids

 Here are some adverbs that start with “R” suitable for kids: rapidly, rarely, really, roughly, rapidly, reluctantly, repeatedly, righteously, and rudely. These words can add vivid descriptions and details to their writing or speech.

What are some vivid words that start with r?

Here are some vivid words that start with “R”: radiant, resplendent, robust, resolute, rambunctious, ravishing, rejuvenating, relentless, and rhapsodic. These words can add richness and intensity to descriptions and expressions.

Verbs that start with r to describe a person?

Here are some verbs that start with “R” to describe a person:

  1. radiate
  2. rejuvenate
  3. relate
  4. resonate
  5. reveal
  6. refresh
  7. renew
  8. rivet
  9. refine
  10. radiate

These verbs can be used to convey different aspects of a person’s character, actions, or qualities.

Most Common Verbs  that Start with R

Here are some common verbs that start with “R”:

1. read
2. run
3. rest
4. reach
5. recognize
6. remember
7. respond
8. relax
9. reflect
10. recommend


These verbs cover a range of actions and activities commonly used in everyday language.

A summary of the top 10 commonly used verbs that start with r 

Here’s a summary of the top 10 commonly used verbs that start with “R”:

  1. Read:To look at and comprehend written or printed matter.
  2. Run:To move swiftly on foot or by another means of propulsion.
  3. Rest:To cease work or movement to relax and recover.
  4. Reach:To extend one’s hand or body to touch or grasp something.
  5. Recognize:To identify or acknowledge the existence or validity of something or someone.
  6. Remember:To recall information or experiences from the past.
  7. Respond:To reply or react to something or someone.
  8. Relax: To make or become less tense or anxious, to unwind.
  9. Reflect:To think deeply or carefully about something.
  10. Recommend: To suggest or endorse something as worthy or desirable.

These verbs encompass a variety of actions and are frequently used in both written and spoken communication.


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What is a positive noun that starts with r ?

A positive noun that starts with “R” is “Radiance.” It conveys the quality of shining brightly or the state of being filled with light, positivity, or joy.

Most Used Verbs that Start with r with Meaning 

Here are some verbs that start with “R” along with their meanings:

1. Run:To move swiftly on foot.
2. Read:To interpret and understand written or printed material.
3. Relax: To make or become less tense, anxious, or stressed.
4. Rejoice:To feel or show great joy or happiness.
5. Reflect:To think deeply or consider carefully.
6. Reside: To live in a particular place.
7. Reach:To extend one’s hand or body to touch or grasp something.
8. Respect: To regard someone or something with admiration and consideration.
9. Reveal:To make something known or visible.
10. Resolve:To settle or find a solution to a problem or dispute.

These verbs encompass a range of actions and convey diverse meanings.

Adverbs that start with r

Here are some adverbs that start with “R”:

  1. Rapidly
  2. Rarely
  3. Really
  4. Reluctantly
  5. Repeatedly
  6. Rightfully
  7. Roughly
  8. Recently
  9. Robustly
  10. Regrettably

These adverbs can be used to modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs, adding more detail to the action or description in a sentence.

What attitude starts with letter r?

An attitude that starts with the letter “R” is “Resilient.” Resilient individuals display a positive and adaptive attitude, bouncing back from challenges or setbacks with strength and determination.

Exploring the Enigmatic: A Compilation of Vibrant Verbs Beginning with r

“Exploring the Enigmatic: A Compilation of Vibrant Verbs Beginning with R”

Embarking on a linguistic journey through the realm of verbs starting with the letter ‘R’ reveals a tapestry of expressions that infuse language with dynamism and vividness. Whether capturing the essence of movement, emotion, or cognition, these verbs paint a vivid picture of the varied facets of human experience.

  1. Ramble:To wander leisurely with a sense of exploration, unveiling hidden treasures along the way.


  1. Resonate: To evoke a profound and lasting response, creating a harmonious connection between ideas or emotions.


  1. Ripple: To spread or move in a series of concentric waves, symbolizing the far-reaching impact of an action or influence.


  1. Radiate:To emit rays or waves, figuratively representing the effulgence of positivity, warmth, or charisma.


  1. Revel:To take great pleasure or delight in a lively and celebratory manner, embracing the joy of the moment.


  1. Rendezvous:To meet at a prearranged time and place, weaving an element of anticipation and romanticism into the fabric of connection.


  1. Rustle:To make a gentle, soft sound like the movement of leaves, adding an auditory dimension to the description of motion.


  1. Rekindle:To revive or reignite, breathing new life into relationships, passions, or endeavors.


  1. Roam: To move about with a sense of freedom and exploration, embodying the spirit of unbounded curiosity.


  1. Rhapsodize:To passionately express oneself, often about a subject of great personal significance, adding an eloquent touch to communication.


Incorporating these vibrant verbs into the tapestry of language enriches expression, allowing for a nuanced and engaging portrayal of the enigmatic facets of life.

How do you identify r verb in a sentence?

Identifying a verb that starts with “R” in a sentence involves locating an action or state of being that begins with this particular letter. Look for words that describe an activity or convey a sense of action. For example:

  1. Run: She decided to run to the store.
  2. Read: He likes to read books in the evening.
  3. Reside:They currently reside in a charming neighborhood.
  4. Rejoice:The crowd began to rejoice when they heard the good news.

In each sentence, the highlighted words (run, read, reside, rejoice) represent verbs that start with the letter “R.” By focusing on the words that describe actions or states, you can easily identify verbs in a sentence.

Things that Start with r with their Meanings

Here are some things that start with “R” along with their meanings:

  1. Rainbow:A meteorological phenomenon that creates a spectrum of light in the sky when the sun shines onto droplets of moisture.


  1. Radiant: Emitting light or heat, often used to describe something that shines brightly or exudes warmth.


  1. Robot:A machine designed to carry out tasks automatically or with minimal human intervention.


  1. Refrigerator: An appliance used for preserving food and other perishable items at low temperatures.


  1. River:A natural watercourse typically flowing towards an ocean, sea, or lake.


  1. Radiator:A device that transfers heat from one medium to another, often used for heating spaces or cooling engines.


  1. Rainforest:A dense forest with high annual rainfall, typically found in tropical regions and characterized by high biodiversity.


  1. Rocket: A vehicle designed to travel through space or into the Earth’s atmosphere by expelling exhaust gases from a propulsion system.


  1. Recipe: A set of instructions detailing how to prepare a particular dish or drink.


  1. Ring:A circular band worn as an ornamental piece of jewelry, or a sound made by a bell or phone.

These “R” words encompass a diverse range of objects and concepts.

Activities that Help in Teaching Words that Start with r for Kids

Engaging activities can make learning words that start with “R” enjoyable for kids. Here are some interactive ways to teach these words:


  1. Rhyme Time:

   – Create rhyming words with “R” and encourage kids to come up with their own. For example, “rat,” “cat,” “bat.”


  1. Riddles:

   – Present riddles that describe words starting with “R” and have kids guess the answers. This encourages critical thinking.


  1. Read-Alouds:

   – Choose children’s books with a focus on “R” words. Pause and discuss the words, emphasizing their meanings and usage.


  1. Rainbow Writing:

   – Allow kids to write words that start with “R” using different colors, creating a colorful and visually appealing display.


  1. Role Play:

   – Act out scenarios where kids use words like “run,” “read,” or “rejoice” in context, making language learning more practical.


  1. Crafts:

   – Create art projects related to “R” words. For instance, make a rainbow collage or design a robot using recycled materials.


  1. Rapid Fire:

   – Have a rapid-fire round where kids list as many words starting with “R” as they can in a given time. It adds an element of excitement.


  1. Scavenger Hunt:

   – Organize a scavenger hunt where kids find and identify objects that start with “R” around the house or classroom.


  1. Word Bingo:

   – Play a bingo game with words that start with “R.” This helps reinforce recognition and adds an element of fun.


  1. Recipe Fun:

    – Create a simple recipe together, emphasizing ingredients that start with “R.” This combines learning with a practical, hands-on activity.

These activities make learning words that start with “R” interactive and enjoyable, promoting both vocabulary development and creativity in kids.

List of Cool Words that Start with r

Here is a list of cool words that start with “R”:

  1. Resplendent:Shining brilliantly; radiant.
  2. Rambunctious:Energetic, noisy, and uncontrollably exuberant.
  3. Riveting:Fascinating, capturing full attention.
  4. Rhapsody:An ecstatic expression of feeling or enthusiasm.
  5. Resilient:Capable of withstanding challenges and bouncing back.
  6. Rogue:Playfully mischievous or unpredictable.
  7. Rendezvous:A prearranged meeting or gathering.
  8. Retrograde:Moving backward or returning to an earlier state.
  9. Reverie:A state of dreamy meditation or fanciful musing.
  10. Robust: Strong, sturdy, and full of health.

These words can add flair and sophistication to your language, making them a cool addition to your vocabulary.


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frequently Asked Questions on r Words For Kids 

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about words that start with “R” for kids:

  1. What are some animals that start with the letter “R”?

   – Examples include rabbit, raccoon, rhinoceros, and robin.


  1. Can you name some fruits that start with “R”?

   – Yes, raspberries, raisins, and rambutan are fruits that start with “R.”


  1. What are some actions we do that start with “R”?

   – Running, reading, riding a bike, and reaching for something are actions that start with “R.”


  1. Can you give examples of colors that start with “R”?

   – Red and rose are colors that start with “R.”


  1. What are some words for describing good feelings that start with “R”?

   – Words like rejoice, radiant, and relaxed describe positive feelings and start with “R.”


  1. What are some places that start with “R”?

   – Examples include the river, rainforest, and the restaurant.


  1. Name some objects in the house that start with “R.”

   – Items like a rug, radio, and refrigerator are found in the house and start with “R.”


  1. What are some words related to weather that start with “R”?

   – Rain, rainbow, and breeze are weather-related words that start with “R.”


  1. Can you suggest some “R” words for playing word games?

   – Sure! Words like race, rocket, and puzzle can be used in word games.


  1. What are some cool and interesting words that start with “R”?

    – Resplendent, rambunctious, and rendezvous are cool and interesting words that start with “R.”


These questions can help kids explore and learn more about words starting with the letter “R” in a fun and interactive way.


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What is example of  r verb noun?

An example of an “R verb + noun” construction is “eat breakfast.” In this phrase, “eat” is the verb, and “breakfast” is the noun.

What type of word is an r?

“R” is a letter, not a standalone word. In the context of language, it serves as a consonant.

Things that Start with r with their Meanings

  1. Rainbow:A meteorological phenomenon with a spectrum of light appearing in the sky.


  1. Radiant:Emitting brightness or energy; shining.


  1. Resilient:Able to recover quickly from difficulties or setbacks.


  1. Robot: A machine capable of carrying out tasks autonomously or with human-like abilities.


  1. Revolution:A dramatic and wide-reaching change in conditions, attitudes, or government.


  1. Rustic:Characteristic of rural life; simple or plain in a charming way.


  1. Rejuvenate:To make someone or something look or feel younger, fresher, or more lively.


  1. Rapture:A feeling of intense pleasure or joy.


  1. Rendezvous:A meeting or gathering at an agreed-upon time and place.


  1. Rogue:A person or thing that behaves in an unpredictable or unconventional way.

These are just a few examples; there are many more words that start with “R” with various meanings.

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