Performed Vs Preformed: Which One Is Correct? + Examples [2024]

In this article, I’m going to tell you that the correct term is “performed.” “Preformed” is not a standard English word and is likely a typo or a misspelling.

“Performed” is the past tense and past participle form of the verb “perform.” It means to carry out or execute an action, task, or activity, typically in a planned or organised manner.

It often refers to the act of presenting or delivering a performance, such as a musical, theatrical, or dance presentation.

“Performed” can also describe the completion of a specific duty, job, or function in various contexts, such as in sports, business, or everyday activities.

Now, I’m going to tell you where did Perform originate from…
The word “performed” originates from the Latin word “performare,” which means “to carry out” or “to accomplish.” It entered the English language in the late 14th century.

The word “perform” has its origins in the Latin language. It comes from the Latin word “performare,” which is a combination of “per” (meaning “through”) and “formare” (meaning “to form” or “to shape”).

The Latin roots suggest the idea of carrying out or shaping something through action or completion.

Over time, the word “perform” entered the English language, retaining its basic meaning of carrying out an action or task.

It has since evolved to encompass various contexts, including artistic performances, professional duties, and general activities.

The etymology of “perform” highlights its connection to the concept of executing or accomplishing something through deliberate action.

My suggestions for Performed in a sentence

1. The band performed a fantastic concert last night.
2. The surgeon performed a delicate operation.
3. The actor performed flawlessly in the play.
4. The athlete performed a new personal best in the race.
5. The magician performed mind-boggling tricks.
6. The dance troupe performed an enchanting ballet.
7. The choir performed a beautiful rendition of the hymn.
8. The comedian performed a hilarious stand-up routine.
9. The orchestra performed a symphony by Beethoven.
10. The acrobat performed daring stunts on the tightrope.
11. The artist performed a live painting demonstration.
12. The scientist performed experiments to test the hypothesis.
13. The student performed well on the exam.
14. The chef performed culinary magic in the kitchen.
15. The firefighter performed a daring rescue.
16. The teacher performed engaging lessons for the students.
17. The athlete performed a series of impressive gymnastic moves.
18. The singer performed a heartfelt ballad.
19. The actor performed a monologue from Shakespeare’s play.
20. The magician performed a trick that left the audience in awe.


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How to ask questions with Performed?

1. Have you ever performed on stage?
2. What is the most memorable performance you have seen?
3. Have you ever performed in a musical?
4. Have you ever performed in front of a large audience?
5. What type of music do you enjoy performing?
6. Have you ever performed in a play or theatre production?
7. Have you ever performed in a talent show?
8. Have you ever performed in a dance recital?
9. Have you ever performed as part of a band or musical group?
10. Have you ever performed in a choir or vocal ensemble?
11. Have you ever performed a solo act?
12. Have you ever performed in a comedy show or stand-up routine?
13. Have you ever performed in a circus or carnival?
14. Have you ever performed as a street performer?
15. Have you ever performed in a professional production?
16. Have you ever performed in a school or community event?
17. Have you ever performed in a music video or recorded a song?
18. Have you ever performed in a live television show or broadcast?
19. Have you ever performed in a competition or talent contest?
20. Have you ever performed as a backup dancer or singer for someone else?


Perform means to showcase one’s skill in something. It can be a dance, song or even an exam. For example:

•  He performed well during the semester exams.
•  The group performs well when they are given-sufficient time.
•  Your song performance was really nice.
•  If you perform well in your exams, I will gift you a laptop.
•  This dance was already performed in last year’s annual day celebrations.
•  Most of the students have performed well in Maths.
•  The singer gave a live performance at TimesSquare on the New Year’s Eve.

Performing’ indicates doing an action or a task. When used as a past tense (performed), the word indicates something that has already been presented, done or enacted.

Perform has been derived from the Old Frenchparfournir or par (through) + fournir (furnish or provide).


Preform is a verb that means something that is already (pre) formed. It generally refers to moulding an object to hold a particular shape before turning it into a final form. For example:

•  The company preforms all its plastics into bottle-shape using a mould.
•  There are many preform mould suppliers in the city.
•  He preformed the dough into circular shape.
•  Preformed plastics are easy to use and maintain.

The word preform is mostly used in constructioncontexts where raw materials are ‘preformed’ before they are given their final shape. It is not as common as the word perform, which we use in every day English.

Here is a sentence that will help you appreciate the difference better –
“The kids were performing their steps on the preformed floor, which was quite dangerous, however they managed well.”


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Idioms meaning Perform

1. “Knock it out of the park” – to perform exceptionally well or achieve great success.
2. “Steal the show” – to perform in a way that attracts the most attention or admiration.
3. “Hit all the right notes” – to perform perfectly or flawlessly.
4. “Pull out all the stops” – to put in maximum effort or perform at one’s highest level.
5. “Break a leg” – a phrase used to wish someone good luck before a performance.
6. “Put on a show” – to perform or entertain others with great enthusiasm.
7. “Give it your all” – to put forth maximum effort and perform to the best of one’s abilities.
8. “Jump through hoops” – to go to great lengths or perform difficult tasks to achieve something.
9. “Sing a different tune” – to change one’s opinion or behaviour after a poor performance or failure.
10. “In the limelight” – to be the centre of attention or focus during a performance.
11. “On stage” – actively performing or participating in a public setting.
12. “Have a trick up your sleeve” – to have a hidden plan or surprise performance.
13. “Be in the spotlight” – to be the main focus or centre of attention during a performance.
14. “Play second fiddle” – to have a subordinate or supporting role in a performance or situation.
15. “Stepping into the spotlight” – to take on a prominent or leading role in a performance or event.
16. “Hit the right note” – to perform or say something that is exactly right or appropriate.
17. “Put on a brave face” – to perform or behave confidently despite feeling scared or uncertain.
18. “The show must go on” – a phrase emphasising the need to continue performing or working despite difficulties or setbacks.
19. “A one-man show” – a performance or situation in which a single person does everything or takes on multiple roles.
20. “Dance to someone’s tune” – to obey or perform according to someone else’s instructions or desires.

Perform Word Formation

Here are a few word formations using the base word “performed”:

1. Performer
2. Performing
3. Performance
4. Reperform
5. Unperformed
6. Preperform
7. Overperformed
8. Misperform
9. Nonperformance
10. Superperformer

What other words we can use instead of Perform?

There are several alternative words you can use instead of “perform” depending on the context and specific meaning you want to convey. Here are some options:

1. Execute
2. Carry out
3. Accomplish
4. Achieve
5. Fulfill
6. Conduct
7. Stage
8. Present
9. Enact
10. Demonstrate
11. Act
12. Render
13. Play
14. Do
15. Complete
16. Realize
17. Deliver
18. Implement
19. Achieve
20. Undertake
21. Engage in
22. Operate
23. Put on
24. Showcase
25. Exhibit
26. Display
27. Express
28. Demonstrate
29. Give
30. Offer


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How can we use Performed in contexts?

“Performed” can be used in various contexts. Here are 20 sentences demonstrating different ways the word can be used:

1. The surgeon performed a successful operation on the patient.
2. The musician performed a beautiful piano concerto at the concert.
3. The actor performed a powerful monologue that moved the audience.
4. The athlete performed exceptionally well in the competition, earning a gold medal.
5. The magician performed an incredible illusion that left everyone in awe.
6. The dancer performed a graceful ballet routine on stage.
7. The comedian performed a hilarious stand-up comedy routine that had the audience laughing.
8. The choir performed a moving rendition of a classic hymn during the church service.
9. The scientist performed a series of experiments to test their hypothesis.
10. The artist performed live painting demonstrations at the art exhibition.
11. The teacher performed a demonstration to illustrate a complex scientific concept.
12. The mechanic performed a thorough inspection of the car to diagnose the issue.
13. The chef performed a cooking demonstration, showcasing their culinary skills.
14. The dog trainer performed a training session to teach the dog new tricks.
15. The speaker performed a captivating presentation at the conference.
16. The therapist performed a therapy session to help the patient work through their issues.
17. The pilot performed a flawless landing, ensuring the safety of all passengers.
18. The firefighter performed a daring rescue mission to save a trapped individual.
19. The actor performed in multiple roles in the theatre production, showcasing their versatility.
20. The athlete performed a personal best in the long jump event, breaking a record.

Performed in Literature

In literature, “performed” can be used in various ways. Here are 10 sentences showcasing its usage:

1. The Shakespearean play was performed on a grand stage, captivating the audience with its dramatic dialogue.
2. The poet’s words were performed with passion and emotion during a spoken word event.
3. The novelist’s book was performed as an audiobook, bringing the story to life through voice acting.
4. The playwright’s latest work was performed at a prestigious theatre, receiving critical acclaim.
5. The epic poem was performed by a skilled storyteller, enchanting listeners with its vivid imagery.
6. The children’s book was performed as a puppet show, engaging young readers with its colourful characters.
7. The literary festival featured readings where authors performed excerpts from their works.
8. The poetry slam allowed poets to perform their verses in front of an enthusiastic audience.
9. The scriptwriter’s screenplay was performed by a talented cast, capturing the essence of the characters.
10. The spoken word artist performed a powerful piece that resonated with the listeners, leaving a lasting impact.

Performed in Society

In society, “performed” can be used in various contexts. Here are 10 sentences showcasing its usage:

1. The politician performed their duties with integrity and transparency, serving the needs of the community.
2. The volunteers performed acts of kindness by helping the less fortunate in their neighbourhood.
3. The police officer performed their duty by ensuring the safety and security of the citizens.
4. The teacher performed their role by educating and inspiring their students.
5. The doctor performed life-saving surgeries, providing medical care to those in need.
6. The firefighter performed heroic acts by rescuing people from burning buildings.
7. The charity organisation performed charitable acts by providing food and shelter to the homeless.
8. The community performed a cleanup initiative, working together to improve the environment.
9. The social worker performed their job by advocating for the rights and well-being of vulnerable individuals.
10. The mentor performed their role by guiding and supporting young individuals in their personal and professional growth.

Perform Dictionary Meanings

These words can help you express similar actions or concepts as “perform” in various contexts.
Here is the dictionary meaning of “perform” and some of its word forms:

Perform (verb):

1. To carry out, execute, or accomplish a task, action, or function.
2. To present or deliver a performance, especially in the arts or entertainment.


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Word forms of “perform”

1. Performer (noun) – a person who performs, especially in the arts or entertainment industry.
2. Performing (adjective) – relating to the act of performing.
3. Performance (noun) – the act of performing, or a presentation or display of skill, artistry, or activity.
4. Performed (past tense and past participle of “perform”).
5. Performing (present participle of “perform”).
6. Unperformed (adjective) – not yet carried out or executed.
7. Preform (verb) – to shape or prepare something in advance of actual performance.
8. Reperform (verb) – to perform again or repeat a performance.
9. Misperform (verb) – to perform incorrectly or poorly.
10. Overperform (verb) – to exceed expectations or standards in performance.

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